Farmer’s marketplace

About Tippicos

Tippicos is a company dedicated to the commercialization, sale, and production of agricultural products. Its goal is to help both farmers and business establishments have the best possible experience from planting to sale. The company focuses on ensuring the highest quality of its products and providing exceptional service to all its clients. With a team of experts in the agricultural sector, Tippicos is the ideal choice for those looking for a reliable and efficient provider.

Value Proposition

The value proposition of a company like Típpicos is to provide a comprehensive experience for farmers and businesses in the process of buying and selling agricultural products. This includes offering high-quality products, exceptional services, and custom solutions that meet the needs and expectations of each customer. The company is also distinguished by its team of experts in the agricultural sector, allowing them to ensure a smooth and hassle-free purchasing experience and provide a reliable and efficient source of products.Local Menu offers a complete solution to run and manage a food business effectively.

Our Solution

Our value proposition is to provide a technological solution to merchants in Mexico. We offer an application with an automated marketplace that is connected to a central database, ensuring a uniform web experience for all users. With this tool, merchants can work with Típpicos efficiently and easily, allowing them to focus on what really matters: their business.


The logo features a grid made up of circles and a few spikes, the goal of which is to create a graphic that represents tranquility and trust.


The royal blue, worthy of the best businesses, sets the tone for cleanliness in our products and customers.

Accompanied by white to contrast and convey a message of safety and purity.




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